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For over a decade we’ve been working towards our mission to inspire change by building a movement of empowered change-makers in Pakistan and matching local actions with global impacts. We’ve partnered hundreds of NGOS, Businesses and the UN with each other and raised millions of in kind and cash support.

In 2015, we took on the additional mantle of championing the SDGs since they were agreed by the UN. We’ve tasked ourselves in finding those Goalkeepers in Pakistan and Pakistani Businesses internationally that champion the SDGS.

 What we do


Represent you at the UN General Assembly

Identify & Develop Partnerships with the UN

Provide SDGs training & workships in parternership with UN Global Compact

Develop SDGs Impact initiatives for you

Curat SDGs Roundtables for you

Aligning business and government with the Global Goals

The CSR Association of Pakistan works with organizations to integrate the Global Goals into the vision, mission and daily practices of any business or government.

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development includes, under Sustainable Development Goal 17, a call to revitalise the global partnership for sustainable development, including through multi-stakeholder partnerships that mobilise and share knowledge, expertise, technology and financial resources toward achievement of the Goals.

The CSR Association serves as a gateway for partnership building between the private sector, foundations and other non-State actors and the United Nations system in furtherance of the Sustainable Development Goals

What We Do

      Align business, government and community with the Global Goals

      Offer expertise in: Sustainability, Simplicity, Tiny Houses, Social Media and more

      Integrate the Global Goals into the vision, mission and daily practices

      Identify issues, challanges and opportunities to align with the Global Goals

      Give context and highlight the good already being done

How We Do It

We deliver a creative and international mix of information and inspiration through:

      Presentation / Workshops

      Mentoring / Coaching

      Leadership Development

      Advocacy / Campaigns

      Expertise Learning


To ask us to conduct a Health Check tweet us

@csrinpakistan #SDGSPKHealthCheck

Sharing inspiring stories

Through powerful stories, data and partnerships, we are demonstrating to the rest of the World what business leaders, Entrepreneurs, NGOs, the United Nations and citizens can and are doing to address the world's major challenges and maintain the path of progress we've seen over the past quarter century.

The next generation of Pakistani’s will be at the heart of bringing change.

In hearing the stories from people that are changing the world, we create our very own role models, people who will inspire. And of course in recognising people that are changing the world, we're bringing People closer together, not only to showcase how they are already leading the way by taking a stand on the issues they care about, but through developing new policies and innovations in Pakistan and communities to achieve the Global Goals.

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